Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

Welcome! Our 2015 Avate Apparel Ambassador Program is now open! We’re looking for awesome people who want stylish threads, and have big mouths to tell their friends where they got ‘em. You gotta be at least 18, gotta be a social media gangster, and gotta do cool stuff. We need you on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but we can forgive it if you forgot your MySpace and Xanga log-ins. #AvateApparel

What’s this program about?

As an Avate Ambassador you will be representing our company and telling everybody how awesome it is. More importantly, we want you engaged and involved in the climbing community. Teach that gumby how to put his shoes on, help him attach his chalk bag. Good deeds and stuff. Keep in mind, every purchase made is more money in the pockets of our partner non-profits.

Do I get discounts?

You know we take care of ours. We will send you a discount code for anything we sell, along with a specialized discount code designed for you to pass out to friends, family, and anyone who you think would look good in Avate Apparel. Every time that specialized code is used you get cold hard cash send straight to your bank account for you to use however you want. You should probably use it on more Avate stuff.

Where do I sign up?

Sound like your gig? Click the link below, and send us a thang. Make sure to link us to your social media accounts, and a short list of reasons why you’d make a cool Ambassador.

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