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Our Story

Avate Apparel is owned and operated by a few guys who are committed to a few basic principles; we want to make awesome stuff, and we want to make the climbing community stronger. If someone wants to buy the stuff, that’d be sweet too.

Essentially, we make clothes. We make awesome clothes. And a chunk of everything you buy from us will go to help non-profit companies in the climbing community, building access, education, and sustainability. We love climbing, and we want everyone else to love climbing too.

Avate was born out of the Midwest climbing community, when we realized that there aren’t any truly stellar options for climbers’ clothing. There are reasonably priced options. There are high-quality options. There are even some cool designs out there. So far though, no one has successfully combined these three.

This seemed kind of bogus to us, so we started brainstorming. Then we met a guy. Then we called a friend. Then we made a company.

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