Our Story - Commitment

Our Commitment

We’re committed to bringing everyone a quality product at a reasonable price. Yes, we know, that’s what everyone says, but we mean it. There’s no reason to spend $45 dollars on a t-shirt, ever. That seems a bit desperate, don’t you think? We wanna bring you something way cooler for much less.

Beyond the product, though, we are committed to building a better community as best we can. We are partnering with select non-profits in the climbing and outdoor industry, and a portion of sales from every product we carry will support one or more of these organizations. We recognize that without a healthy and vibrant climbing community, we wouldn’t exist as a company and we’d be really bored as people. So we’ll be around at comps and crags and wherever, passing out things or climbing other things, keeping the stoke alive.

Avate ApparelOur Story - Commitment